Chicago Tribune

Interviewed and mentioned in a piece titled When make believe becomes all too real, what are movie audiences to make of those scenes? 

"There’s a whole system built to maintain this way of filmmaking and that’s the thing that has to change, otherwise it’s a structure prone to abuse.”


Interviewed for a piece titled Aziz Ansari's career isn't over. So what happens now?

"If we want to challenge misogyny and hypermasculinity, all straight cis men can choose to center femininity and femme-identified people in their lives. And we have to be vulnerable and willing to fail in our attempts to do this."


Interviewed for an article titled Will Academy Award Nominations be #OscarsSoWhite 3.0?

"Maybe in a decade or a few more years, we'll see if these trends last...I do think #OscarsSoWhite has had an impact and has already shifted things a bit, but we still have so much more to do."